Safe Deposit Boxes

Keystone Credit Union offers safe deposit boxes in Tyler available for lease to our members. Our safe deposit boxes are located at the Rice Road location.

For more information on our safe deposit box services, continue reading below.

Rent Safe Deposit Box


Box Size

Rental Amount

3" X 5"


3" X 10"


Rent is collected in advance at the time your safe deposit box is assigned.

Rent is prorated from the date of the lease agreement to December 31 in the year that the box is leased.

Annual rent is automatically transferred from your account in January each year thereafter.

Annual rental fees and box sizes are shown below.


Two keys are issued for each box rented. A deposit of $5.00 per key will be collected at the time of issuance. The key deposit is refunded when the keys are returned at the termination of the lease. If one or both keys are lost, the member must give immediate written notice of the loss to Keystone Credit Union in Tyler. The member must bring in the remaining key to open the safe deposit box in order for the lock and keys to be replaced. The credit union does not retain a key for any safe deposit box rented.

Safe Deposit Keys

Joint Owners

If the safe deposit box is leased by more than one persons, they will have joint tenancy with right of survivorship for the safe deposit box and the lease.


The vault in which the safe deposit boxes are located (Rice Road location) is open during normal business hours, Monday-Friday. Keystone Credit Union may deny entry into the safe deposit boxes when:

  • Rent or any other charges under the terms of the lease are past due.
  • The credit union is served with an order or other legal process which directs the credit union to make such a refusal.


Keystone Credit Union may terminate the safe deposit box lease by giving the member written notice thirty days prior to the end of the lease. Within that time period, the member must remove all contents from the safe deposit box and return the keys to the credit union. The credit union will refund any prepaid rent for the period remaining on the lease.

The member may end the lease of the safe deposit box by giving written notice to the credit union and simultaneously removing all of the contents from the safe deposit box and returning the keys to the credit union. If the member ends the lease, there will be no refunds awarded to the member by the credit union.