Direct Deposit Services

Direct Deposit is a fantastic way to get paid without ever making a trip to our location. Through our Direct Deposit services in Tyler, all of your checks are automatically deposited. Direct Deposit can be arranged through any employer, institution, or organization that offers it.

Also known as electronic fund transfers (EFT), Direct Deposit uses an online connection from your employer’s payroll or accounting department to Keystone Credit Union. The many benefits of setting up a Direct Deposit service in Tyler include:

Whether it’s your payroll check, social security check, retirement check, or otherwise, your check can be directly deposited into your accounts. All of the money you deposit arrives at Keystone Credit Union safely and promptly.

Direct Deposit

Setting Up Direct Deposit Services

If you would like to set up Direct Deposit services through Keystone Credit Union, here’s how:

  • Contact your employer to find out if you need to complete forms or provide additional information.
  • Specify whether your checks should be deposited to your Checking or Savings Account.
  • Include your full account number and our routing number: Routing Number: 311989645
  • Ensure that ownership on each check matches the ownership of the account you deposit to.

By having the above information ready to go when you decide to sign up for Direct Deposit, you’ll be able to eliminate delays in receiving your first deposit and each deposit afterward.

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If you’re interested in Direct Deposit services in Tyler, call or come by to request forms or discuss your options. We hope to speak with you today!