Membership Overview

Keystone Credit Union was founded by Tyler Pipe Industry leaders to try and protect their employees from being taken advantage of in the 1960s. Today, we work just as hard to help our members find the best deals for the money at the best possible rates. Then, we work with them to ensure they maintain their financial health well into the future.

Membership Overview

How Can I Join?

As long as you live, work, or worship in the Smith County area or have a family member with an existing membership with us, you can join our financial community. We know that choosing the right financial institution is a big personal decision that may influence how you manage your money and your time. We believe that credit unions are the ideal solution for our member-owners in the Tyler area looking for low interest rates, small loans, and other convenient options outside of the traditional bank structure.

We want to be THE trusted source for all the financial needs of our member-owners in Smith County. The credit union concept is a time-tested one, exhibiting confidence in the integrity and dignity of our members.



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For more information on Keystone Credit Union, our financial services and solutions, and how you can become a member, contact us in Tyler at (903) 882-4343 today.