Fraud Tips

Tips for Preventing Fraud

Fraudsters will stop at nothing to get your personal information and card data.  Below are several Websites that provide tips for protecting yourself from fraud:

There are some common themes that resonate throughout the above mentioned Websites:

  • Guard your personal information - create "strong" passwords
  • Keep current with software and virus protection
  • Ignore E-mails, calls, text messages, etc. from sources that you do not know or recognize
  • Sign-up for Email/text transaction alerts from your financial institution
  • Save and check you receipts against your statements
  • Review receipts before you sign them
  • Monitor your statements/accounts often
  • Pay the safest way - Credit cards are the safest because charges can be disputed
  • Research companies to be sure who you are dealing with
  • Store important documents securely
  • Always be aware of your surroundings