Membership Guidelines

Who Can Become a Member?

  • Anyone who lives or works within a 10 mile radius of either Keystone Credit Union location are eligible for membership to the credit union
  • Be employed by a credit union sponsor company (i.e. Tyler Pipe, Tyler Beverages, etc.)
  • Have a family member that is a current member

Family members eligible for membership are as follows:

                          Spouse                     Mother-in-law
                          Child Father-in-law
                          Mother Brother-in-law
                          Father Sister-in-law
                          Brother Son-in-law
                          Sister Daughter-in-law
                          Grandparent Step-father
                          Grandchild Step-mother
                          Aunt Step-child
                          Uncle Step-brother
                          Niece/Nephew Step-sister


Lifetime membership:

Once you are a member of the credit union you may remain a member even if you move or change jobs. As long as your account is kept in good standing, once a member, always a member.

How to Become a Member?

After determination of membership eligibility:

  • Completion of a membership card - proper identification and signature is required
  • Pay membership fee of $5.00
  • Purchase one full share of the credit union for $5.00 (this share remains in the account and is not available for withdrawal until the account is closed).